Colbert’s Human DDOS


Stephen Colbert launched an impromptu human distributed denial of service (DDOS) by instructing his viewers, or the Colbert Nation, to make edits to the collaborative wiki encyclopedia Conservapedia. Specifically he wants to be added as a character in the Conservapedia translated version of the bible, an ongoing crowd sourcing project of the web site.

According to Conservapedia, liberal bias has become a distortion in modern Bible translations including lack of precision in language both original and modern as well as translation bias. Thus the project seeks to provide a fully “conservative translation” of the Bible. The project seeks to identify liberal terms in the bible and replace them, identify where liberal terms for vices have been improperly omitted, identify conservative terms improperly omitted, and replace words that have lost their meaning.

“…I want you to go to Conservapedia and make me a Biblical figure…”
– Stephen Colbert


Conservapedia itself is a project written from an American centric and conservative Christian point of view, specifically young earth creationist (literal interpretation of Biblical texts). It was started by Andy Schlafy, a lawyer and social studies teacher who is the son of a conservative activist and constitutional attorney, Phyllis Schlafly. The project was initiated as a response to his perception that Wikipedia had become liberal, anti-Christian, and anti-American.

Apparently the “Colbert Bump” takes the form of a denial of service for web sites, as the site has been consistently inaccessible from when Colbert made his request and for hours following.

Colbert has been integrated into the Book of Genesis:


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